Turning Blue into Indigo and Finding Happiness in Simple Pleasures

A Real Break

I have devoted my blogs to finding happiness. I have written about what goes wrong in life as well as how to make it right. I have touted nutrition and exercise and giving yourself a treat like some home-care. Today I want to talk about a surefire way to life the spirits. For me, this means spending some quality time outdoors. If you don’t have time to getaway, you can simply take a walk in the park and feed the ducks in the lake. These little guys always cheer me up.

If you have a spare weekend, I recommend a short vacation. My husband and I like to go camping by the river. Whether we hike, fish, cook over an open fire, or just sit and listen to music, it is a real break from ordinary life. I think we all need a respite now and then. Let me tell you why I like camping. When you have to fend for yourself, your mind takes a detour from your troubles. There is a lot of self-satisfaction in setting up a tent, building a campfire, or preparing fresh-caught fish for dinner. When the weather is nice and there is a subtle breeze, I am in heaven. I never go when it is either freezing cold or super hot.

When you take precautions, nothing can go wrong. For example, we always bring our trusty portable generator to keep our phones charged. If you want night lights, to work on your laptop (why would you?), or play music, you might find this gadget pretty handy. You don’t need it most of the time, but it is comforting knowing it is there. It is small and generates enough power for a short period of time. I wouldn’t want to lug a huge fellow like the ones on My Gen Set. This one fits nicely in the back of the van. You use propane fuel to make it run. It also does double duty at home should you experience a blackout. It won’t operate all your electricity, but it could be useful for small appliances. I recommend them highly.

After a weekend of camping, my mood is always restored. I enjoy the scenery and taking innumerable photos for Facebook and Instagram. I want to share the magic of nature. There is nothing so revitalizing. If you have never ventured into the woods or wilderness, you have a unique experience coming. I don’t even mind the appearance of assorted wildlife. We don’t get anything threatening like a wolf or a bear. It is usually just my husband and me relaxing against an enormous rock, a can of beer in hand. When we get motivated, a jump in the river cools us off.

A portable generator is a part of being in survival mode. If you prefer to rough it, then leave it home. There are many techniques to ensure you are safe and well cared for while camping. I like to have a little of each: modern luxury and down-to-earth fun.