Turning Blue into Indigo and Finding Happiness in Simple Pleasures

Small Self-Care Idea

I have a message to impart. Happiness is the ultimate quest in life, whether you have suffered for a time or in your prime. I am seeking ways of sharing my personal experiences in the hopes of instigating good feeling. If I send it out to my readers, I hope to get some back. We all have ups and downs and knowing how we cope can help others. You may hate your job, are in a failing relationship, have poor health. There is hope at the end of the tunnel. It takes the form of a symbolic rainbow that beckons us to behold its glory. I have developed a more positive attitude toward life as you can see having overcome many obstacles.

My purpose in this blog is to show you how I found liberation by walking away from the negative. It takes self-confidence and motivation. Believe me, the relief is worth the pain. It was particularly tough for me to walk out of a miserable job that was crushing my soul. I imagine many of you have experienced this kind of feeling. No matter what income you are earning, it is far better to take a pay cut and find peace and freedom.

I learned very fast that happiness dwells in the small day-to-day things that bring humor and enjoyment to your life. Above all, it meets other people who are supportive of your journey. No matter how trivial the issue, I love to get advice. An example was the day I was feeling down and a girlfriend offered to take me to a salon for a pedicure. I go barefoot all the time and it isn’t a pretty picture. She promised me that I would get a big boost from the experience. In fact, I would like it so much that I would make it a regular habit.

She was right. It isn’t that expensive and well worth the small cost for the level of pleasure it gives. There is nothing like soaking your feet in lemon water and having them scrubbed with an abrasive soap. They even used one of these foot callus removers to truly clean up my feet. A lot of wear and tear is remedied in a few minutes. Then there is the fun of selecting your perfect color. Clear means you are not very daring. Red means you like to have a good time. Pink is for the sassy and yellow for the young at heart. Blue might reflect your low spirits so avoid it like the plague. Green is for personal growth and white for purity of soul.

Now I am convinced that a little bit of self-care now and then can make a difference in your mood and outlook. It doesn’t have to cost a lot for the degree of return. Plus, it doesn’t take much time out of your busy day. You don’t even have to go to a salon. Giving yourself a pedicure and painting your toes a pretty color can go a long way toward feeling good!