Turning Blue into Indigo and Finding Happiness in Simple Pleasures

Finally Have Time to Cook

There is an equation that is very important to me. Happiness = good health. If I break this down a bit further for you, good health = nutrition and exercise. It is a simple formula that yields success if followed to the letter. It means not indulging yourself in bad food such as processed vegetables in a can or anything fried. It means learning how to cook with the right oils and procedures. Steaming and grilling are tops with fitness buffs. They counsel that you can’t eat too many fruits and veggies. Go easy on red meat and when you do partake, make sure it is lean. The rest of the time should be spent enjoying fish and chicken. These rules are easy to follow. The hard part is getting to the gym on a regular basis.

I hadn’t cooked for a very long time when I realized that I was not eating right most of the time. I would have a meal on the run, usually calorie-laden fast food. Fortunately, many franchises now serve salads. I believe that to lose some weight and feel my best, I should start to cook. Then I can make the necessary choices. I have some old recipe books that haven’t seen the light of day for a while. Down from the shelves they come. It will be fun to read through them and select the healthiest examples. I can always get more online, but it is a nostalgia trip to look at what I used to make. I suppose a lot will be outdated. We have changed our eating habits in this country due to rampant obesity. Beware!

I couldn’t wait to get started. Having left a grueling and disappointing job, I am home more often so that I can make sure of the quality of what I eat. I like the idea of laying out a week’s worth of ideas on the kitchen counter so I can shop for all the ingredients at once. I won’t buy too far in advance to ensure that everything in my basket is super fresh. We have a health food chain nearby known for the best produce and meats. They have packaged foods but I don’t go this route unless I want pasta, which is only now and then.

Getting back into cooking has made me realize how old my appliances are. I think a trip to the discount kitchen mart is in order. I know I can’t live without a blender to make smoothies and a hand mixer like the ones on this web site for sauces. While I need assorted small things like a grater for cheese and a garlic press, I need larger items like a toaster oven and a coffee maker. I have really neglected this room of the house. Everything has a frayed cord and looks worn out. This is because so many of the appliances were hand-me-downs. If I spend a decent amount, the new stuff should last for many years. Onward to the store.