Turning Blue into Indigo and Finding Happiness in Simple Pleasures

Another Positive Effect

Nothing is more depressing than being overweight and having to continually face the world with all those extra pounds. Every time you look in the mirror (if you dare to do it), you probably groan. Given the rampant obesity in this country, I am surprised there is not more mental illness about. Some people have been this way all their lives and it doesn’t appear to affect their mood. In my case, it does. I am not often seriously fat, but I have been known to pack on the pounds when I am in a real funk. It just makes it worse. When you start to see negative old patterns recur, it is time to call a halt to overeating.

One day, I stepped on the scales and nearly fainted. When did this weight gain start to happen? It does creep up on you to be sure. I am sure many of you know this. It is wise to nip it in the bud before it gets out of control, if only we could. My method most of the time is session after session in the gym. This has a definite positive effect. Another way that works well is to jog or walk on the local nature trail. It is one of my favorite pastimes and becomes ever more important when I need to trim my figure. When I am in my normal range, setting about for a long jaunt is just a form of exercise for basic health and fitness. As a part of a weight loss program, it has been unbeatable for me.

Here is why I know this for a fact. After I had been hitting the path for over a week, I thought I would check the scale as it had been a while. I normally don’t flinch, but this time I jumped for joy. I had lost five pounds. I was so surprised that I assumed that the appliance was broken. It had to be. And then I read here – http://www.myweighin.net/find-accurate-scales/ – that scales have an accuracy level, and mine weren’t too accurate. I was eating the same food as before. Nothing but the walking had changed. I expected the exercise to help, but I didn’t know it would be so fast. It can come back in a second, or so it seems, so I am not ending my trail time just yet.

When you discover that something you do really works, you want to crow about it to the world. Fortunately, I started this blog about coping with depression. If you don’t have a nature trail in your vicinity, try running the outdoor track at the local high school. Set yourself a daily goal of at least a mile. If you run fast, you won’t have to go so far. You won’t have the scenery I enjoy out in nature, but the method will work. When it rains, I resort to the treadmill at the gym. It will record your heartbeat and calories burned. When I see the numbers, I get hooked.