Turning Blue into Indigo and Finding Happiness in Simple Pleasures

Maybe I Should Leave Some Things to the Pros

Chores. I hate them with a passion. Who doesn’t? If I don’t do them around the house and the yard, no one else will. My husband has more than his share of tasks with emptying the trash, cleaning the garage, and taking care of the cars. To wash the latter, he bought a power washer which I find very handy for my own work. I never used to do much in the way of dusting and vacuuming when I was working and limited my time to tidying up in the kitchen. Upon rare occasion, I would clean the interior of the stove, microwave, and refrigerator. That was enough! Now things have changed. Not working at the moment, I didn’t have an excuse to back out.

Now I see the grime on the windows that has built up over the rainy winter months. While I Pressure Cleaned the exterior of the house, which shows almost as much dirt, I will tackle the windows at the same time. When I turn on that blast of water, I expect to get results. In one afternoon, I can accomplish a lot. If you have never used one, by all means, try it. It is a miracle worker for the garage floor, the back patio, the driveway and sidewalks. The intensity of the spray will obliterate the effects of time and weather.

After the hard labor, I was feeling pretty good about my accomplishments until my husband took a closer look. “Hey, Marcia,” he called out to me. “You missed a few spots…more than a few.” I didn’t believe him. I walked around the house and noticed that the window ledges were still caked with debris and that the eaves below the roof were laden with leaves. No, I hadn’t done a good job. For my sincere efforts, the results weren’t very good. “I am not going to do it now,” I sighed with fatigue. “I will attend to it later.” My husband nodded and said he felt sorry for me. “Why not leave it to the pros,” he offered. I agreed but felt guilty about the cost. How much elbow grease does it take to clean perfectly? “It is all in the amount of pressure and the way you hold the hose,” he counseled. He showed me how. My eyes glazed over as I needed a nap. He grabbed the power washer and ran off to finish what I had started.

He did a great job and I felt even worse than before. It wasn’t the fault of the hose, but my inadequacy. Next time, if I don’t leave things to the pros as a gift to him, I will do a more thorough job. I will practice the different settings and learn what works in particular areas. At least, we don’t have to do this huge job for one more year. The power washer, however, stays visible for the monthly car dousing.