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Is it Too Much to Ask?

Yikes! I jumped into the shower and in minutes the water turned icy cold. It was a shock that woke me up in a very unpleasant manner. I wanted a steamy hot shower to ease my aching muscles (which happens when your mattress is a bit stiff) and instead I got a disappointing spray of gelid water. This is a most unpleasant way to wake up in the morning and it ruins the entire day. If you are like me and subject to foul moods, this is not a good plan.

Obviously, the hot water heater is down and it is time to call a plumber. I hope he doesn’t tell me I need a new one. Knowing I am hesitant to plunk down a lot of money for a mere appliance, he proceeded to fix the old unit and said it would probably last for another year or two if I was lucky. I might get another episode of cold water from time to time. I dream of the day when I can save up enough to replace it. Is it too much to ask?

Maybe I am jumping the gun, but I am already checking out new models and prices. I never want to see an old metal tank again. It is going to be tankless from http://www.homewatercenter.org/best-tankless-water-heater-reviews/ and pure efficiency all the way. When you replace an old system with a state-of-the-art model, you immediately save space that you can now use for storage. I am already planning what to do with it. Plus, your utility bills are lower every month. This means you are paying for the new water heater over time. It is so impressive a benefit that I might go for it now rather than wait until later. I never want to subject myself to shocking gold water again. My skin is too sensitive for this kind of onslaught.

I asked around and found that 50% of my friends have the tankless variety and they love it. You get strength, reliability, better flow and satisfying water temperature all the time. They like the use of electricity and not gas to get more control. No one likes a system that generates noxious fumes that must be vented. They counsel me to just get the right size for your space. Why get a large, expensive model for a small apartment? It is all about energy efficiency, which I knew. You aren’t heating up dozens of gallons unnecessarily. I like to have this benefit confirmed. Why have water sitting there waiting to be used?

I also read that you can buy a water heater that turns itself off when it becomes overheated. I suppose that is important. I also like the idea of a maximum range of temperature settings. These tankless babies are “on demand” units that provide precise control. I do believe that I have talked myself into a new one.